UNPLUGGED CANTO POP NITE | TUES 11 JUNE 2019 | 7pm till late

🎼Those of us who grow up feeling strong for CANTO POP music. Don’t miss this, join us this nite and be transported back in time to classics like 喜帖街,自作多情, 蓝雨,打工仔, 信者得爱,白衫白裤, 梦伴,坏女孩, 长城,光辉岁月 and more. Tell us, what are some of your favorites?💕
🗓Date: Tuesday, 11 June, 7pm till late
☎️Book a table: 6466 6676 *cover charge applies 
六月十一日, 星期二, 粤听粤好听, 不见不散!