The talented UNPLUGGED music team is helmed by Sylvester Sim, who needed no introduction. He was the first runner-up of the inaugural Singapore Idol in 2004. He is widely known as Sly to his fans.

In 2005, he released his first Chinese album, Take Flight 起飞. In the following year, he began singing at the now-defunct Mando Club, Dragonfly.

These days, Sly is an entertainment Manager at UNPLUGGED.

He hasn't abandoned singing. He was recently seen on TV auditioning for the popular singing competition, The Voice of China

For UNPLUGGED's Grand Opening, Sly and the team released a passion project, an original album of 7 mandarin songs for guests to bring home. You can now listen to the album here.  

Catch SLY LIVE, only at UNPLUGGED!

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When Samantha was 17, she participated in Singapore Idol 3, the swan song of the local Idol franchise and emerged as one of the top 12 female contestants.

This sweet-face singer grew from the experience and exposure from the competition and went on to perform professionally at prominent stages which include Esplanade Chinese Festival of the Arts, Singapore Music Festival, and even live on-air on 987FM

From then on, her life was always plugged into music and she was always setting higher bars for herself with every performance.



A familiar name in the local mandopop scene, Choon Yang's passion for music was sparked at a tender age by his daily car rides and his dad's old tape recorder.

Having won in numerous competitions such as NTU Impresario since school days, this good-looker then went on to form various bands and a rock duo, which emerged top 5 in the first season of Mediacorp's SuperBand. He was later offered a contract by a Taiwanese record label.

In 2009, Choon Yang began singing professionally and has never looked back. Be mesmerised by his soulful vocals that transcend boundaries.



Over 14 years of gigging experiences since 2000, Leon not only sings but plays the keyboards and write his own originals. During his schooling years he had developed the habit of expressing his thoughts and feelings by penning songs.

A mainstay at the annual Xing Qing Rong Ji (心情溶剂) National Songwriting Competition Grand Finals, Leon & his band have performed as guest band for 7 consecutive years from 2005 to 2011.

Being the Champion of the Aaron Kwok Impersonation Competition back in 2003, Leon never fails to entertain his audience with his wonderful rendition of the Heavenly King's hits. But the passionate performer wants to keep working on his craft and touch the hearts of people with his music.



Jiaqing started singing at the age of 16, he tried his luck and competed in Campus Superstar season 1 and Project Superstar season 2, after taking vocal training and graduated from 非常歌手训练班 in 2007.

He was best known for his movie character as CaoGen 草根 acting and singing alongside actors like Daren Tan, Julie Tan, Hayley Woo and Jayley Woo in a XinYao (新谣) movie, That Girl In Pinafore (我的朋友我的同学,我爱过的一切).

A media darling, this seasoned vocalist and guitarist performed live at various stages such as school campus, radio stations, variety shows and compass awards.

Did we say he also play a mean Er Hu?